TUE "TRADING COMPANY "MINSK KRISTALL TRADE" offers its customers a wide range of the best alcohol products from the state’s biggest producers in the Republic of Belarus.

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1893 is a year of foundation. OJSC “MINSK KRISTALL” - “MINSK KRISTALL GROUP” holding management company is the biggest producer of alcoholic beverages in the Republic of Belarus. It efficiently combines traditions of production and recipes having deep roots that go back into the XIX century and advanced technologies of XXI century. The “MINSK KRISTALL“ production has a well-deserved recognition not only in Belarus but also abroad. Balsam “Belorussky”, nastoyka “Belovezhskaya”, vodkas “Minskaya Kristall”, “Batskova” and “Khlebnoe Vino” – this is the list of drinks, far from being complete, which were created last century, but are still popular and highly appreciated worldwide, having genuine Belarusian color.
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+375 (17) 327 44 69 , +375 (17) 321 24 84
15, Oktyabrskaya str., Minsk, 220030 Belarus

1897 is a year of foundation. Extensive using of unique technologies, ancient Belarusian recipes and rare ingredients, such as Belowezskaya Puscha’s herbs - there are the list of the most important advantages of the company. Nastoyka “Brestskaya Zubrovka”, vodkas “Hlebnikoff”, “Glubina” are popular in Belarus and different countries.
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+375 (162) 269 100, +375 (162) 269 120
2/1, Sovetskaya str, Brest, 224005 Belarus

1897 is a year of foundation. JSC “GOMEL DISTILLERY “RADAMIR” pays a lot of attention to the product quality, which is achieved by the combination of modern technology and original recipes, based on carefully observed ancient traditions. The product range is represented by vodkas "Selecta", "Black Swan", "Charca bespohmelnaya", "Radamir" and a line of liqueurs "Kakadu".
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+375 (232) 37-09-97, +375 (232) 36-51-22
106, Sevastopolskaya str., Gomel, 246042 Belarus

1889 is a year of foundation. Today it is a modern enterprise that has all contemporary filtration elements used in vodka’s production. At the end we have a new high quality product with minimum fusel oil and infusions. The assortment is represented by trademarks, such as "Zoloto poley", "Belen’kaya", e.t.c.
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+375 152 72-22-32, +375 152 72-22-32
22, Vilenskaya str., Grodno, 230023 Belarus

1898 is a year of foundation. This is high-tech enterprise with the modern equipment of the leading European companies. It produces more than 50 kinds of product: ethyl alcohol from food raw material (ethyl raw spirit, rectified ethyl alcohol), vodkas and special vodkas; alcoholic beverages - sweet and bitter nastoykas, balsams, emulsive and dessert liqueurs, gin, cognacs, nonalcoholic drinks, mineral and drink water. The most popular are "", "Severnaya gubernia", "Severnaya stolitsa", "Belaya Alaska", balm " Cherniy Rytsar" and others.
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+375 (212) 56-26-90, +375 (212) 56-26-97
45 Revolutsionnaya str., Vitebsk,210001 Belarus

1858 is a year of foundation. JSC “KLIMOVICHI PLANT OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES” is located on the picturesque banks of the River Lobzhanka, one of the tributaries of the river Sozh. One of the oldest companies in the country produces popular brands of vodka, such as "ALPHA LINE" and"Calasy" and balm "Klimovichi ".
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+375 2244 56530, +375 2244 56357
10, Naberezhnaya str., Klimovichi, Mogilev region, 213633 Belarus

1983 is a year of foundation. The brand portfolio of the company includes more than 30 SKU. There are vodkas in special and souvenir packs, balms, bitter nastoikas and fruit wines. All products are created on the basis of high quality raw materials, which pass multistage quality control. "Buslinka" and "Eger" are basic trademarks of the enterprise.
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+375 236 209 222, +375 236 209354
Mihalkovsky s/s 15/93, Mozyr district, Gomel region, 244755 Belarus

1927 is a year of foundation. JSC “food factory “Veselovo” is the leading producer of fruit wines and starch in the Republic of Belarus. The company is always in tune with the times implementing innovative manufacturing processes, considering the market demand and meeting the needs of its consumers. According to an ancient tradition, the feedstock for the production of wines is the gifts of Belarusian land, which gives an unforgettable flavor, pronounced aroma and rich color trim.
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+375 177 93 34 08
24, Zavodskaya str., Veselovo, Borisov district, Minsk region, 222132 Belarus
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